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In 1936 Toyota held a contest to create a new logo for their brand, this was the contest winner and it stayed for a very long time. It was later replaced by the logo we see now, but stuck around on the engine blocks of iconic engines like the 2JZ way into the 90s.

Rock this Iconic piece of nostalgia on your car to show just how well educated you are in the History of Toyota.


    Known Vehicle Fitment, please measure your original emblems before purchasing:

    • 100mm: Corolla iM rear, FRS/BRZ Rear
    • 110mm: 11th Gen Corolla Rear
    • 113mm: 3rd Gen 4Runner Front
    • 118mm: GX470 Rear
    • 120mm: FRS/BRZ Front
    • 127mm: Scion xB2.5 Rear
    • 130mm: 5th Gen 4Runner Rear 
    • 140mm: Scion xB2.5 Front, GX470 Front
    • 150mm: 5th Gen 4Runner Front


    Dimensions:  (L x H x D)

    • 100mm x 69mm x 10mm
    • 110mm x 76mm x 10mm
    • 113mm x 79mm x 10mm
    • 118mm x 81mm x 10mm 
    • 120mm x 83mm x 10mm
    • 127mm x 88mm x 10mm
    • 130mm x 90mm x 10mm
    • 140mm x 97mm x 10mm 
    • 150mm x 104mm x 10mm

    Universal Katakana Toyota Emblem

    Background Color
    Foreground Color
    • All products are printed per order. May take up to 15 days before your product will be shipped. 

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