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Maybe the first ever 3D Printable widebody for the masses.

Front +61mm

Rear +95mm

The entire widebody can be 3D printed on any common 3D printer with a print area larger than 190mm x 190mm x 190mm. Once printed it's easily assembled with #6 3/4" self tapping plastic screws (example) and the seams can be either melted together with a soldering iron or glued together. Once the seams are joined the screws can be removed, they're only there for alignment. 


It is recommeded to reinforce the panels with fiberglass, carbon fiber, or any other composites. Attachment of the panel is up to the customer with either panel screws, panel bond glue, or combination of other methods. Reinforce the panel on the car so it doesn't skew or deform. Reinforcing the panel uninstalled may cause it to not fit on the car once it's stiff. 


If using fasteners to attach the panel it is recommended to melt holes through the plastic with a soldering iron instead of drilling to create stronger holes that won't crack along layer lines. 


Body work and smoothing will obviously be necessary. The model isn't extremely high polygon so that most slicers and computers can handle the files. After printing you might see some polygons or "faceting" that can be easily smoothed with a skim coat of body filler or reinforcement of your choice. 


Recommended print settings with 0.4mm nozzle:

  • 3-5 perimeters
  • 4 top and bottom layers
  • 0.25mm layer height
  • 15% cubic infill (doesn't really matter as the perimeters will fill most of the print)
  • print on a raft or with a skirt as the pieces are thin and edges can warp


Front overfenders are 10 pieces each and the Rear overfenders are 26 pieces. Files are provided for the Left side only, the right side can simply be mirrored in the slicer. There are also 4 pieces that are already mirrored with the hole cut out for the fuel door if you wish to try to retrofit it into the panel.


With the recommended print settings expect to use about 14kg+/-1kg of filament. Recommended filament can be purchased here, but any filament can be used as it is recommended to reinforce it anyways.  There are no supports needed for any of the pieces and the print orientation for certain pieces may need to be adjusted in the slicer. 


Feel free to email any suggestions you may have or problems you may run into with the files. This is a collaborative effort and the model will continue to evolve and improve as time goes on. Any updates to the file will be free after your initial purchase. 

SC400/300 Printabody V1 3D Print File

  • This is a non-commercial license. You can not sell this file or the 3D prints of this file. Selling the file, any derivative of the file, or 3D prints of the file is not allowed. Modifying the file does not grant you access to sell it or prints of it. This file is for personal use only. If you wish to receive a commercial license please email your request to 

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