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The OEM cup holder in the SC is pretty shallow and narrow and can only fit small drinks. With this Cup holder you'll be able to fit almost any drink. You can also customize multiple colors of the cup holder. The top color ranges from the top of the cup holder down the sides. The bottom color is the color around the design. Lastly, the Design Color is the color of, for example the LEXUS logo, or the hexagons in the Honeycomb design. 


You can now choose different finishes on the top and bottom of the cup holder. Choose from Chopped Carbon (aka Forged), Carbon Weave, Textured like OEM, or a shiny Glass finish. 


The Bottom of the cupholder is separate only for photos. The cupholder comes fully assembled and clips right into the original position with no modifications or anything needed. 

SC300/400 XL Cup Holder

Top Color
Bottom Color
Design Color
  • All products are printed per order. May take up to 15 days before your product will be shipped. 

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