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If you're not into using high beams and need some extra airflow, this is the thing for you. Bolts right into the original high beam location using the original high beam brackets. Simply take the metal brackets off your high beams and mount them onto this with the same hardware. 


Fitment may vary with bumpers, body work, and so on. Some adjustability is built into the design as well as the OEM high beam brackets. 


There are 2 options available, one with a curved end that will sneak underneath the headlight and one straight one. The straight one is good for blowing fresh air directly at a small cooler or something mounted near the radiator. The end will fit 3" or 76mm ducting. Here's a really affordable option, but shipping takes a while. Ducting Option


Right = LHD Passenger Side

Left = LHD Driver Side

SC300/400 High Beam Vent

  • All products are printed per order. May take up to 15 days before your product will be shipped. 

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